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Terms and Condtions:

Term 1 and are exclusive to subscribing members. You may train a downline member from the homepage, but you cannot share your username and password with them. You may share your cleanse website username & password as a recruiting tool for new members. Passwords may NOT be posted on FaceBook or any other social media site. Passwords to these sites may not be shared with any other team without direct permission from Jen Smith. Doing so will suspend or terminate access to your account. *
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Term 2
Term 2 You may not copy ANY content found in the Training site or Cleanse site or any form of media. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted material by Jen Smith, i.e. audios, videos, DVD/CDs, documents, web pages etc. (NOTE: Product Folder documents may be copied for new cleansers). *
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Term 3
Married couples doing IsAgenix together are only required to have one subscription plan. Other family members doing their own IsAgenix business are required to have their own subscriptions. *
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Term 4
A minimium of six months is required in all membership plans after which you will be billed monthy until you notify us to cancel. Early cancellations are permanent, but you may not be allowed to re-apply. Violation of terms and conditions of this agreement will result in the immediate suspension from all Jen Smith’s training resources, and may result in civil litigation. *
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